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Welcome to The Dragon´s Pit Adventurer

Surely you’ll be wondering what’s going on in the dragon’s den. The objective is not less than to go detailing the process of creating a role-playing video game, thus uniting our great passions, development and role.

“Are you sure you want to venture in there?” The stench is unbearable.

If I had no intention of entering, I would not have come here. “

In the Dragon’s Pit we will focus on trying to adapt the rules of the new version of Dungeons & Dragons (5th edition) as a PC role-playing game, using the Unity 3D engine. The goal is to get a project as similar as possible to the role-playing games of a lifetime of books, pencils and paper. To know all the details about the development of this project, everything related to it will be explained, from the engine used, creation of the script, to the prices and costs of the entire project.

It should be noted that the dragon’s den is a project in parallel to our daily activities, so there may be delays in some parts of the creation process, but that does not mean that you are not working at all;).

Of course if you think you have a good idea that can be applied in the project we will be happy to listen to it, do not hesitate to write us with everything that your head is around. Also if you want to collaborate in the project, we will also be happy to listen to you. Write to us through our CONTACT form.

From the Dragon´s Pit, we are very excited about the project. We are sure that with your help we can create a rich and interesting world for all lovers of the classic role, where to live a multitude of adventures and forge epic legends.

Without further delay, we consider this new stage open for us and we hope that it will also be for you.

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